Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 08-17-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on August 3, 2015 were read.  Ross Allen motion to accept.  MS by Gary Nebgen.  Motion carried.


Attendees:  Steven Mohr, Kristi Mohr, Dawn Wenzel, Jim Spurgin, Daryl Kott, Gary Nebgen, Margie Hellums, Jim Davis, Jan Davis, Deena Todd, Dennis Todd, Mark Ball, Lisa Dishong, DeDe Threadgill, Nicole Wienecke, Rick McManigle, Craig Slaughter, Ross Allen, Tom Cates, Danny Elliott, Paul Phillips, and Suzanne Hartmann.  (22)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda, copy of Treasurer’s Report, and a copy of the Minutes from the August 3, 2015 meeting.


Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett reported wins and losses for team tennis and volleyball.  Cross Country is preparing for their first meet.  Football had its first scrimmage last Friday and had a pleasing performance.  Coach Moffet has decided not to try concussion prevention helmet inserts.  Using such inserts would void the warranty of the helmets.  The All Sports Program Fall Edition was discussed.  Coach Moffet would like for someone in Billie Boosters to preview and approve program.  Coach Moffet is continuing to work toward sponsors for the digital scoreboard.  A sample of a contract was presented.  Coach would like to have 4 anchor spots contracted and ready to present to September school board meeting.  He is hoping to have the new board up by January.  FISD will pay for board initially and then Billie Boosters will pay FISD back through contracts (donors).


Treasurer’s Report:  Given by Suzanne Hartmann.  Beginning checking balance was $42, 525.16.  Current checking balance is $69,612.12.  Jim Spurgin motion to accept.  MS by Mark Ball.  Motion carried.


Standing Committees:  Volleyball—nothing to report.


Old Business:  Steven Mohr reported Volleyball Family Day was a success.


New Business:  Greg Nebgen presented options for a stainless steel fryer.  Motion to approve purchase by Rick McManigle.  MS by Jim Davis.  Motion carried.  If one is located in our area, Boosters will vote by email on purchase.  Purchasing water for different sports from HEB @ $188/pallet was discussed.  Motion to accept by Jim Spurgin.  MS by Rick McManigle.  Motion carried.   Steven Mohr will take care of purchasing water.  Cross Country is in need of concession for Sept. 19 meet.  Motion made for Billie Boosters to provide concessions made by Tom Cates.  MS by Jim Spurgin.  Motion carried.  Jim Spurgin will coordinate.  Name tags for directors will be decided by email vote.  Iced tea in various concessions approved by general group.  Any workers in concessions are eligible for drawing for TV and parking spaces.  Cheerleaders will no longer sell programs at games.  Tom Cates will check into other groups that may have an interest.  Coach Moffet requested $960 (160 meals for athletes and staff) for concession meal for football at Lago Vista scrimmage.  Coach Aldrich requested $115 for pancake breakfast for Cross Country pre-season meal.  Motion to approve both funds requests made by Jim Davis.  MS by Lisa Dishong.  Motion carried.  Discussion to proceed with digital scoreboard contingent upon securing sponsors to fund scoreboard.  Motion made by Tom Cates.  MS by Rick McManigle.  Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Mark Ball.  MS by Tom Cates.  Motion carried.


Next regular meeting:  August 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room


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