Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 09-07-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on August 17, 2015 were read.  Jim Spurgin motion to accept.  MS by Melissa Maurer.  Motion carried.

 Attendees:  Steven Mohr, Dawn Wenzel, Lance Moffett, Ginger Burrow, Melissa Maurer, Karen Nevins, Erin Cates, Tom Cates, Jim Spurgin, Jim Davis, Jan Davis, Suzanne Hartmann, Amy Slaughter, Craig Slaughter, Mike Majors, Lisa Dishongh, and Marc Duderstadt. (17)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda and a copy of the Minutes from the August 17, 2015 meeting.

 New Business:  Finally Pain Free, a medical device company, gave a presentation on the Wellness Pro electrotherapy system.

Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett discussed benefits of Wellness Pro device.  He would like for the Billie Boosters to purchase one machine and he is requesting a second machine through FISD.  Coach Roemer has asked for funding for an Academic Award plaque for volleyball.  Billie Mom’s has a request for Varsity coaches’ meals.  On September 14, the digital scoreboard company will present to the FISD school board.  Coach Moffet is continuing to work toward sponsors for the digital scoreboard.  As of now, he has 4 anchor sponsors—Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Price Chevrolet, Whataburger, and Centennial Bank.  Contracts for advertisers will run from January to January.  Coach Moffet is planning to present scoreboard plan to the FISD school board at their October meeting.  “Coffee With Coach” is held at different locations every Friday from 10:00-11:00 am.  Coach Moffet encouraged everyone to attend.  Football is 2-0.  Playing well but inconsistent.  Team Tennis is ranked #1 in state.  They are undefeated in district.  Volleyball and Cross Country both doing great.

Standing Committees:  Volleyball reports everything is going great.  We are in need of someone as director for 7th and 8th grade football committee.  For Freshman football, Carla Herbig and Barbara Williams are the directors.  For JV, Karena Hindman is the director.  Tom Cates is the director for Varsity football.  Lisa Dishongh volunteered as Membership director.  We are still in need of a Media director.  Lisa Dishongh volunteered to be call person for meal deals for away football games.

 Old Business:  Steven Mohr reported the french fries were a success.  We need to advertise them more during the game.  Trash left in the stands after the game is a problem.  We need to make more announcements during the game to remind spectators to dispose of their trash.  Members discussed “Volunteer Spot”, a website for concession sign-up.  The pallet of water has arrived.

New Business:  Lisa Dishongh inquired about a system in place for fans needing a ride to out-of-town games.  Discussed asking Coach Moffet to send a Celly prior to the game.  Homecoming Tail Gate was discussed—Billie Boosters are not responsible for any events.  Suzanne Hartmann obtained a quote from Sysco for concession items.  There is a considerable savings available from Sysco for chili and cheese.  These items will be purchased from Sysco in the future.  One of the chili machines is broken.  A call has been placed to the manufacturer and we are waiting to hear from them.  Suzanne Hartmann presented the idea of a digital menu for the concession stand.  Billie Moms requested $1,050 ($7.00/meal for Varsity players, 10 trainers, and 20 adult personnel for five away games).   Also, would like to purchase a football stamp/pad for $40.00.  Motion to approve requests by Tom Cates.  MS by Suzanne Hartmann.  Motion carried.  Coach Roemer requested $61.00 for the purchase of an Academic Award plaque.  The volleyball team is being recognized with the National Award for Academic Excellence.  Motion to approve request by Jim Spurgin.  MS by Suzanne Hartmann.  Motion carried.  Boosters reviewed the request to purchase a Wellness Pro electrotherapy system for $3,595.00.  Motion to approve the request by Craig Slaughter.  MS by Mark Duderstadt.  Motion carried.

 Motion to adjourn by Jim Davis.  MS by Lisa Dishongh.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

 Next regular meeting:  September 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Wenzel

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