Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 09-21-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on Sept. 7, 2015 were read.  Melissa Maurer motion to accept.  MS by Jim Davis.  Motion carried.

 Attendees:  Melissa Maurer, Steven K. Mohr, Suzanne Hartmann, Erin Cates, Mary Beth Kendrick, Dawn Wenzel, tom Cates, Jim Davis, Wendy Dietrick, DeDe Threadgill, Lisa Dishongh, Michele Willis, Marc Duderstadt, Lance Moffett, and Rick McManigle.  (15)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda, copy of Treasurer’s Report, and a copy of the Minutes from the Sept. 7, 2015 meeting.

Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett reported Cross Country meet was a huge success.  Boys’ team placed 3rd and Girls’ team placed 2nd.  Team Tennis beat Abilene Wylie 10-9.  This was a huge confidence boost for the tennis team.  Volleyball beat Liberty Hill and Burnet in 3 games.  Things are going in the right direction for volleyball.  Varsity football is 3-1, JV is 2-2.  Next week is an open week for high school football.  Meet the Billies will start about 7:30 on October 1.  All sports will be recognized.  Integrity (credit card processing) money is starting to come in.  Coach Roemer had presented an idea of using Waterboy Graphics to promote and raise funds for Fredericksburg athletics.  Coach Moffett will revisit the quote for graphics.  An earlier approved banner project is in the production phase.  Coach Moffett gave an update on the scoreboard project.  Hill Country Memorial Hospital has delivered a signed contract.  Coach is waiting on the remaining 3 contracts—Centennial Bank and Bob Price Chevrolet have contracts but have not signed/returned them and Whataburger is very interested, but has not yet requested a contract.  Teamstuf is an online athletic apparel store.  If we provide them with our team logo, they can use our logo to make items.  The will send 15% of online sales to the Billie Boosters.  Coach Moffett is checking into this more before a motion and decision are made.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Given by Suzanne Hartmann.  Beginning checking balance was $69,612.12.  Current checking balance is $74,940.61.  Tom Cates motion to accept.  MS by Dawn Wenzel.  Motion carried.

Standing Committees:  Dawn Wenzel reported wins for Freshmen and JV in San Angelo.  Varsity suffered a loss in 4.  Volleyball has 2 home games this week.  Jordan Penick has volunteered to chair the standing committee for 7th grade football.  Michele Willis volunteered to chair 8th grade football.  Leading Freshman football committee are Carla Herbig and Barbara Williams.  JV chair is Karen Hindman.  Varsity chair is Tom Cates.  Lisa Dishongh volunteered as Membership director and to make calls for meal deals for away football games.

 Old Business:  None to report.

New Business:  Volunteer Spot website is up and running.  Members are trying to get the word out to parents/volunteers about signing up for concessions.  Kona Ice, owned by Donna Barkey of Buchanan Dam, is interested in selling snow cones at the Oct. 16 football game.  She will give Billie Boosters 20% of sales from this night.  Tom Cates made a motion to approve the sale of Kona Ice at the game.  MS by Suzanne Hartmann.  Motion carried.  Tom Cates and Marc Duderstadt reported on the Fredericksburg Invitational Cross Country meet.  65-70 breakfast tacos were sold.  For next year, the type of tacos available needs to be a 40/40 split.  Mrs. Benke, local owner of Just Pop N, sent a sample of Billie Mix popcorn (red and white popcorn).  Members are considering selling this item at the concession stand.  Steven Mohr will check into price and percentage for Billie Boosters.

 Motion to adjourn meeting by Rick McManigle.  MS by Wendy Dietrich.  Motion carried.

 Next regular meeting:  October 5, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Wenzel

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