Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 10-05-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on August 3, 2015 were unavailable.

 Attendees:  Steven Mohr, Kristi Mohr, Dawn Wenzel, Jim Davis, Jan Davis, Mark Ball, Rick McManigle, DeDe Threadgill, Erin Cates, Suzanne Hartmann, Melissa Maurer, Michele Willis, Lance Moffett, and Mary Beth Kendrick.  (14)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda.

Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett presented a request by Coach Kaman and Coach Grona to purchase Crossover in place of Hudl to breakdown the basketball games.  Cross Country did well at their meet with several runners receiving medals.  Team Tennis has one remaining District match against Bandera.  Volleyball had a great win last Friday night against Boerne.  Swimming had their first meet this past Saturday at Palo Alto.  There are several athletes competing on the swim team and one athlete competing in diving for FHS.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Suzanne Hartmann will present current Treasurer’s Report at the Oct. 19, 2015 meeting.

Standing Committees:  Michele Willisreported 8th Grade football is having a rough season.  The team is trying to overcome numerous injuries and get their game outcomes turned around.  Dawn Wenzel reported volleyball is off to an exciting District start.  Also, a huge “thank you” to Suzanne Hartmann for getting the A/C repaired in the concession stand.  Lisa Dishongh is stepping down as Membership director.  Erin Cates has volunteered to take her place.

 Old Business:  None

New Business:  Steven Mohr reported the need for more volunteer sign ups on  Erin Cates will assist Steven Mohr with inputting member contact information into the computer system.  The new fryer is in need of repair.  The pilot will not stay lit.  The repairman is scheduled to be here either tomorrow, Oct. 6, or Wednesday, Oct. 7.   Suzanne Hartmann reported that she will now be purchasing hotdog buns, tortillas, and hamburger buns from Buttercrust at a significant savings.  Buttercrust will deliver the items to the concession stand.  The deliveryman is Richard Russell.  Contact number is 830-377-0133.  It was also reported that Directors need to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator in the football concession stand.  The cost for Crossover video breakdown for the basketball program is $2518.20.  Jim Davis made a motion to approve the purchase of Crossover.  MS by Dawn Wenzel.  Motion carried.  The members suggested that basketball budget for this expense next year.  A request for $580.00 to replenish the supply of Recovery protein shakes and energy drinks was made.  Suzanne Hartmann made a motion to replenish the shakes and energy drinks.  MS by Jim Davis.  Motion carried.  This increase will be budgeted for next year.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Erin Cates.  MS by Rick McManigle.  Motion carried.

 Next regular meeting:  October 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Wenzel

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