Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 10-19-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on October 5, 2015 were read.  Approval pending online vote.

 Attendees:  Steven Mohr, Amy Slaughter, Melissa Maurer, Lisa Adair, Jim Davis, Mark Ball, Jan Davis, and Lance Moffett.  (8)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda, copy of Treasurer’s Report, and a copy of the Minutes from the October 5, 2015 meeting.

Athletic Director’s Report: 

 Treasurer’s Report:  Provided by Suzanne Hartmann.  Beginning checking balance was $74,940.61.  Current checking balance is $90,615.48.  Approval pending online vote.

Standing Committees:  Varsity football—Tom Cates reported a need to contact the Junior class.  Need 15 – 20 workers for Varsity games, per shift.

 Old Business:  Steven Mohr presented a need to increase advertising french fries during the games.

New Business:  Lisa Adair has volunteered to be director for softball.  Approval pending online vote.  Kona Ice is interested in participating at Middle School track meet.  Need to let Kona Ice know dates of meets.  Contact Steven K. Mohr for Billie Booster business @ 830-992-0903.  Thanks to all volunteers—we are 70% full for concession stand workers.  Thank you to Dietel Printing for banner (Hill Country Fire and Safety).

Meeting adjourned.

 Next regular meeting:  November 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room

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