Billie Boosters Meeting Minutes 08-03-15

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Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by President Steven Mohr.  The minutes from the previous meeting held on May 11, 2015 were read.  Mark Ball motion to accept.  MS by Trish Brannan.  Motion carried.


Attendees:  Steven Mohr, Kristi Mohr, Tom Cates, Erin Cates, Dennis Todd, Deena Todd, Archie Jenschke, Dawn Wenzel, Jim Davis, Jan Davis, Lisa Dishong, Heather Sprugin, Ross Brannan, Trish Brannan, Kim Rabon, Craig Slaughter, Amy Eastend, Brent Kramer, Murphy Yates, Lisa Yates, Libby Vick, Audri Bowers, Greg Nebgen, Mark Ball, Suzanne Hartmann, and Rick McManigle.  (26)  All attendees were given a meeting agenda and a copy of the minutes from the May 11, 2015 meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:  Suzanne Hartmann stated that an updated Treasurer’s report will be given at the August 17, 2015 meeting.


Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett presented a slideshow that highlighted end-of-season/summer workouts.  He reported on the progress being made toward the purchase of a digital scoreboard for the football stadium.  This will be presented at the August 10, 2015 School Board meeting.  Coach Moffett is researching the pros/cons of concussion prevention helmet inserts for possible future purchase.  He discussed a possible future request of a new weight room floor.  Coach Moffett explained the Integrity Program and how it could benefit local businesses and the athletic program.


Standing Committees:  Coach Roemer reported on volleyball tryouts.  41 girls have been in attendance.  Volleyball Family Day/Media Day will be held Saturday, August 8, 2015.  Directors are needed for each team sport to coordinate concession workers.  Each director will also help with football concessions.


Old Business:  All Sports Program sales totaled $58,875.  Banners for high school gym are completed and ready to be hung.  There are 34 banners for a total cost of $5840.00.  FMS record boards were approved for a total cost of $470.00.  Funding for volleyball pre-season meal on August 8, 2015 was approved (40 meals @ $6.00/meal for a total cost of $240.00).  During the 2015-2016 year, booster meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.  Mark Ball motion to change.  MS by Ross Brannan.  Motion carried.


New Business:  Approved the purchase of volleyball statistics app. for a total cost of $49.99.  Billie Moms will meet this Wednesday evening for Football 101.  Dawn Wenzel was approved as Secretary for the upcoming year.  August is renewal month for Booster membership.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Mark Ball.  MS by Jim Davis.  Motion carried.


Next regular meeting:  August 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the APR room


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