Director Meeting Minutes 4-7-14

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Minutes 4-7-14

Billie Booster Directors Meeting



Meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM by President Elizabeth Nielsen. The minutes from the previous meeting held on March 3, 2014 were read.

Mark Ball M to accept minutes. MS by Ross Allen. MC.

Attendees: Elizabeth Nielsen, Libby Vick, Mark Ball, Kristi Mohr, Steven Mohr, Tammy Wilson, Wade Reeh, Ross Allen and Coach Moffett.

All attendees were given a copy of the minutes, treasurer’s report and meeting agenda.

Treasurer’s Report: Report reviewed.

Steven Mohr M to accept minutes. MS by Mark Ball.

Athletic Director’s Report:

Coach Moffett gave sports update: Golf currently playing for district at Lady Bird. Tennis took District w/9 qualifying for Regionals in Corpus. Softball won both games last week and baseball defeated Boerne. District track this week at Canyon Lake. FISD will hold stadium project meeting April 14 for a pre-bid meeting (bi-board consortium) and superintendent will give his recommendation. Board will then vote on bids and plans for graduation. Final decision will be in newspaper April 17 with construction to begin April 28. Future requests: 1-Perpetual Boards for gym. 2-Coaches Moffett/Wilder asked to speak at Clinic and taking 8 coaches, need entry fee $60 per coach and 4 rooms at $100. 3-Feed FISD teacher on June 5. 4-Gametime, family friendly music on preprogrammed tablet estimated $2,400 but can offset costs by selling ads to businesses.

Standing Committees:

Baseball: Need director for April 24 game to turn on chili/cheese and cook burgers/hotdogs.


: n/a.

Track: E. Nielsen estimated FHS brought in $3000+ and FMS $4800+ in concession stands.

Old Business:

All sports programs are selling well. Physicals will be May 22. FNF Magazine-Coach Moffett decided not to use this fundraiser. Website-Coach Roemer-E.Nielsen spoke with him and he is up for the opportunity and will have students update, EN will follow-up.

New Business:

Request for Ad in TABC-Alie Doucet $300 Steven Mohr M to accept. MS by Wade Reeh. MC. Board previously approved Ad in West TX All Star-$200 for Wade Sheppard and Clayton Braden. Request for Inflatable Arch $5000 and w/Tunnel $6295 plus$350 shipping. $6295+350=$6,645 Steven Mohr M approve. MS by Wade Reeh. MC. Request for BSN QB Fade Net and QB 5 Net $705 Steven Mohr M to accept. MS by Wade Reeh. MC. Rebel Country broadcasting all sports. Coach Guyton accepted position as defensive coordinator at another school to be with his wife and family. Request to feed FHS seniors who work field day $100 Wade Reeh M to accept. MS by Ross Allen. MC. Request by Elizabeth Nielsen to donate water/soda to coaches and doctors who work physical clinic. M accept Wade Reeh. MS by Steven Mohr. Total on all requests $7,750.00

Elementary school to hold field day April 11 on FHS field, they will use ice chest for their drinks. Suggestion to sell old grill on Fbg Comm FB

M accept Steven Mohr. MS Mark Ball. MC.

Steven Mohr M to adjourn meeting. MS by Mark Ball. MC.


Monday, May 5, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the APR room.

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