Director Meeting Minutes 5-5-14

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Minutes 5-5-14

Billie Booster Directors Meeting




Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by president Elizabeth Nielsen. The minutes from the previous meeting held on April 7, 2014 were read. Trish Brannan M to accept. MS by Archie Jenschke. MC


Attendees: Suzanne Hartman, Elizabeth Nielsen, Libby Vick, Mark Ball, Kristi Mohr, Steven Mohr, Archie Jenschke, Trish Brannan and Coach Moffett.


All attendees were given a copy of the minutes, treasurer’s report and meeting agenda.


Treasurer’s Report: Cash balance $77,354.15. Steven Mohr M to accept. MS Mark Ball. MC.


Athletic Director’s Report: Coach Moffett gave sports update: successful baseball and softball seasons with 2 new coaches in place; very satisfied. Banquets for BB/SB are being discussed. Track did extremely well at District & Area and good at Regionals with 3 kids going to State Meet this weekend. Tennis had a great season, some of the best matches he has seen. Both boys and girls golf did very well with boys taking 5th at State. Physicals set for May 22 from 5:30-9, get word out and print forms from internet. Wants everyone to get the word out that Speed & Strength is for all sports and open to the community. Field construction should begin week of May 12. Shared coaches’ clinic slideshow.


Standing Committees:

Track: State Meet May 9-10 with 3 students attending.


Old Business: Physicals May 22. Website-Coach Roemer to post BB minutes.


New Business: Boosters will have a membership drive starting in August and will put information in newspaper. Request to cancel June & July BB meetings. M Archie Jenschke. MS Mark Ball. MC.

Request for Bench Zone Track Tarp $1,550 (protects track) Trish Brannan M at accept. MS by Archie Jenschke. MC.

Request for 56 Armor Fused #’d customized undershirts for football $36 per shirt $2,016 Trish Brannan M at accept. MS by Archie Jenschke. MC.

Request for Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on June 6 (Suzanne will look up costs from last year) Mark Ball M at accept. MS by Archie Jenschke. MC.

Request for Game Time family friendly music system $2,500 Trish Brannan M at accept. MS by Archie Jenschke. MC.

Request for $1,400 for Software program and 500 CDs/Labels for Clint Plueneke Steven Mohr M at accept. MS by Suzanne Hartman. MC.

Request by Billie Boosters for $400 to purchase television for volunteer drawing Suzanne Hartman M at accept. MS by Mark Ball. MC.

Total on all requests $7,866.00


Mark Ball M to adjourn meeting. MS by Trish Brannan. MC


NEXT REGULAR MEETING: Monday, August 4, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the APR Room.




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