Directors Meeting Minutes March 5 2012

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March 5 2012 Minutes

Billie Booster Directors Meeting



Meeting called to order at 6:15 by President Kim Baethge.  The minutes from the 2/6/12 regular meeting were read by those in attendance.   T. Beard MM (made motion) to accept minutes as written.   MS (motion seconded) by S. Hartmann.  MC (motion carried).

Attendees: Kim Baethge, Elizabeth Nielsen, Suzanne Hartmann, Archie Jenschke, Tiffany Beard, Debbie Stephenson, Coach Lance Moffett, Valerie Remschel, Wade Reeh and Ruth Stehling.

All attendees were given a copy of the UIL guidelines, Billie Booster membership form, director info sheet, the minutes from last meeting, agenda and treasurer’s  report .

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance $65,865.87.  Billie Boosters received 2 anonymous donations both being for specific purchases.  $12,000 was donated to update the training room and $16,000 was donated to finish weight room .  A. Jenschke MM to accept report.  MS by D. Stephenson.  MC.

Athletic Director’s Report:  Coach Moffett updated on how all sports teams were doing.  Coach Moffett put in request for $15,965.00 for weights and bars to finish out the weight room renovation.  D. Stephenson MM to grant request.  MS by A. Jenschke. MC.  Coach Moffett also put in five request for the training room, from Alan Dinsmore, athletic trainer, totaling $10,494.62: 1) $970.00 for software to keep track of all student athletes, their injuries and their rehab regimen; 2) $4,995.00 for a new muscle stimulation machine; 3) $2,132.00 for an ice therapy boot for knees, ankles, wrist, etc.; 4) $2,097.62 for an additional Water Boy; and 5) $300.00 for 2 used spin bikes from the Wellness Center.  D. Stephenson MM to grant request.  MS by E. Nielsen. MC.

Standing Committees:

Basketball:  Season is over, FISD did not host a playoff game.

Soccer:  All good.

Softball:  Tournament coming 3/8/12 – 3/10/12.  A. Jenschke had requested the purchase of a new grill, but since the meeting Hill Country Propane has donated a grill.

Baseball:  Tournament went well.

Track:   Meet went well.  FMS has meet on 3/29/12. K. Finn is director in charge and S. Hartmann will line out volunteers.  S. Mohr will grill with help from volunteers.

Tennis:   Hill Country Championship is March 22-24, 2012.  D. Stephenson is trying to find a group to run concession stand.  Waiting to hear from 8th grade dance committee.

Old Business:  Mark Ball has volunteered as Vice President with the understanding of not having to be president next year.  Bylaws do not address this issue.  Popcorn machine ordered was too small, so a larger one has been ordered and should be here any day.  Website should be up soon.  Chili/cheese machines were given to us by FISD food service.

New Business:   Invader Sportswear made a presentation before the meeting.  We have agreed to let him put Fredericksburg Billies on his website for athletic wear and we will spread the word.  Billie Boosters receives 10% of every sale he makes for Fredericksburg products.  Kim will let him know of our decision.  St. Mary’s is having a track meet at FHS on March 31, 2012, and have requested to use our concession stand using their own product.  We will get our products out of their way and they will make a donation to Billie Boosters as in past years for the use of the concession stand.   Ruth Stehling has once again agreed to get advertising for the all sports program with input/help from  K. Baethge and Coach Moffett on putting it together.  Ruth will receive 20% of all gross sales, as in previous years.

D. Stephenson MM to adjourn meeting.  MS by T. Beard.   MC

NEXT MEETING:  April 2, 2012 at 6:00pm (JV Red baseball at 5& 7)

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